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Our virtual account managers consult with clients to ascertain their demands for services before coming up with plans to meet those needs. They have a basic awareness of how their employer's business functions at different levels and across departments in order to develop effective strategies. They can then make decisions about which managers and departments to speak with and include in their plans using this information.

The role of an account manager at SharkStack is to manage different portfolios of clients. Ensures that the client's requirements are met and follows up on any payments that are due. The account manager acts as a bridge between the company and its clients. The Account Manager ensures the timely delivery of your current and upcoming projects by monitoring them closely. They communicate and determine the client's needs and meet them effectively.

  • Project Management.
  • Manage a portfolio of accounts.
  • Manage all project client input and feedback with specific guidelines and deadlines.
  • Monitor campaigns & analyze data obtained.
  • Project managers track sales analytics in the form of sales metrics (e.g. Quarterly Sales Results).
  • CRM Management
  • Upselling to clients.
  • Create and maintain strong working relationships with corporate executives at all levels.

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Our Virtual Account Manager plays an integral role in all phases of project management. As the project manager, he or she is responsible for all the activities that lead to the project's final deliverables and ensure its success. Our VAM has effective communication skills, a competent leadership style, and effective team management skills.

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